Finding Personal Style For Yo Bad Ass Self

I am feeling super positive about life at the moment, mainly because its now appropriate weather to start wearing my favourite pieces of clothing (can I get a hell yeahh!!?) The best type of style (in my eyes) is 100% Autumn/Winter, and with the change in cooler weather lately I’ve been OVER THE MOON to whip out some of my favs from their deep dark … Continue reading Finding Personal Style For Yo Bad Ass Self

Let’s Talk About Being A #GIRLBOSS

I recently started my own business, The Cacao Hub*. And through the journey of actually getting my ass into gear and making my dreams a reality, I stumbled across an amazingly inspirational woman named Sophia Amoruso. If this name rings zero bells in your head, let me give you a little run down. Sophia went from highschool drop out to recently being named by Forbes … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Being A #GIRLBOSS

Hey It's Carli Matcha

Move over chai latte – Matcha is here!

What the heck is this matcha shiz? Ok guys, if you’re a tea lover like myself, keep on readin’! I have been OBSESSED with this green beauty for a while now and can’t speak highly enough of it. Matcha is basically green tea leaves ground up into powder to which you consume with milk or hot water, and therefore get tonnes more antioxidants and health … Continue reading Move over chai latte – Matcha is here!

Carli Tea

The Power of Simple Pleasures

Oh the simple pleasures that life creates. That giddy feeling you get when you are so incredibly happy from an everyday, nothing-special thing. You know what I’m talking about, right? That gush of happiness and appreciation of waking up on a Sunday morning when the bright sun is beaming through your window, the fresh air coming in from the blue sky, and having that moment … Continue reading The Power of Simple Pleasures

My Current Favourites | Dec 2016

Hey all you amazing people & Happy New Year! In the hope to hang onto 2016 once last time (it was good for me!), I recently filmed my current favourites from December 2016. Being a lover of all things natural and good for your body, there are some delish treats in there along with some skincare, shoes and jewellery. Hope you guys enjoy – if … Continue reading My Current Favourites | Dec 2016